How to avoid getting in a jam while driving in India

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Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari today said he had taken the step of revoking licences for vehicles using electric propulsion systems (EPS) that emit a lot of CO2.

He made the announcement after a delegation from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) met the Transport Ministry’s deputy commissioner in charge of passenger and vehicle safety to discuss the issue.

The DMRC has already issued two new electric vehicles, the Model S and the Tesla Model 3, in the past three months and has plans to offer a second model in 2018.

Gadkari, who is the Delhi transport minister, said the decision was taken to ensure the safety of the public, particularly during the long journey, and to give the public confidence in the system.

“In order to ensure safety of our public, we have taken the decision to revoke the licence of all vehicles using the electric propulsion system.

This decision is not only aimed at the DMRC but also the government of India,” Gadkar said.

“We have also asked the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to probe the matter.

I have also written to the Centre for its response to this decision.”

He said the DMrc had issued licences for the Model 3 and Model S, two vehicles with electric propulsion.

“We have issued a new licence to Model 3 for electric propulsion vehicles for a period of two years,” he said.

The minister said the ministry had taken steps to ensure that the electric vehicle owners and operators would not be penalised if they were caught breaking the rules.

“The Ministry of Environment and Forests and the DMNR have issued licences to Model S owners and vehicles for electric motors for a maximum of six months, but we have not issued any licence for Model 3 owners and vehicle operators,” he added.

Gadar said the government was also studying how to implement an emission-free model in the city.

“The Government has already taken steps in this regard and has given permission to the Union Environment Ministry to issue licences to electric vehicle manufacturers for the first three years of their operation,” he pointed out.

According to Gadkary, the DMIRs emission control measures, including the mandatory testing of vehicles and their operation, have also been tightened.

“DMIRs have also imposed an emissions limit on Model S vehicles and Model 3 vehicles,” he claimed.

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