Volkswagen has begun production of a ‘smart car’ for Russia

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Volkswagen has been working on a ‘Smart Transport Vehicle’ for the Russian market, the automaker said.

The company said in a statement on Thursday that it had “started to develop a vehicle that would make it possible to safely transfer people, goods and vehicles on highways and in urban areas”.

The first vehicle, dubbed the ‘Volkswagen Transporter’, will be produced in Russia and Europe.

Volkswagen will begin selling the vehicle in 2020.

Volkswagen’s new Transporter is fitted with GPS, cameras and other sensors to help the vehicle navigate its way on roads, the company said.

“We want to make this technology available to the public and offer it to the world, with a view to providing it to everyone, not just the privileged few,” said Dieter Zetsche, vice president of product strategy for Volkswagen, in a company video.

Volkswagen said that the ‘smart transport vehicle’ will be able to track people’s location and give them directions in urban centres.

The first version of the vehicle will be built for Russia, and Volkswagen will also launch the vehicle on the Chinese market.

Volkswagen has built up a network of its own to help its customers with safety issues in their cars, as well as with customer support.

The ‘smart transportation vehicle’ can be driven on public roads, but it is expected to be available for private vehicles as well.

Volkswagen did not disclose pricing.

The Transporter will be fitted with a range of sensors, including cameras, lasers and radars, the German automaker added.

It also said that it has already received more than 50 applications from Russian authorities for the vehicle.

Volksfors Volksbund is a German public company with operations in more than 25 countries.

The brand has been involved in transport technology since 1993, when it first launched the Volkswagen Transporter.

Volkswagen is owned by Volkswagen Group, a global conglomerate of Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen Group Brand owners.

Volkswagen shares closed up 0.7% on Thursday, at 10:45 am (02:45 GMT).

Volvo is the world’s biggest carmaker, with sales in the US and Europe accounting for 70% of the company’s total output.

(Reporting by Paul Taylor in Berlin; Editing by David Stamp)

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