What the government’s new transport funding formula means for you

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Transport funding is one of the key pieces of legislation the Government has agreed to put into law, with the final bill due to be announced next week.

The measure, which will make transport a part of the Government’s National Infrastructure Plan (NIP), is expected to give the Government up to £10 billion ($14.6 billion) to spend on rail, road and ferry projects, and £8.8 billion ($11.3 billion) for a new transport scheme.

Here’s what you need to know about what the scheme means for transport funding.

Key points: Transport funding will be up for debate next week as part of Government’s NIP funding package, which includes the £10bn rail scheme and £9.5 billion for a road scheme Transport Minister Stephen Hammond will unveil the final package of National Infrastructure Fund legislation next week Transport Minister David Anderson will outline the final legislation at a press conference next week The National Infrastructure Budget is expected later this year, and the final version of the legislation will be tabled by the Government next week on Monday. 

But before the bill is released, ministers will have to decide how much money is allocated for Transport in the final NIP bill. 

The Government has been planning to spend between £10.3 and £11.8bn for the National Infrastructure fund. 

As well as putting in place funding for road, rail and ferry infrastructure, it is also expected to include funding for new infrastructure, such as the £8 billion for the new Transport scheme. 

With the Government planning to give up to 10 per cent of the NIP’s funds to Transport, it comes as no surprise that ministers have already set out a range of measures they will be introducing in the budget to ensure that Transport funding isn’t being squandered.

The Government is expected to allocate between £6.6bn ($9.4 billion) and £7.2bn ($10.7 billion) to transport, with transport spending expected to account for about 12 per cent ($18.8 to $22.6) of the overall NIP budget. 

This is largely due to the Government looking to fund a wider range of public transport infrastructure, including a new High Speed 2 rail line linking Manchester to Liverpool and further west. 

Travellers will be able to take the new £6,000 railcard which will allow them to travel on the High Speed Rail Network for the first time. 

It will be available to all purchasers of the £6k High Speed card, meaning that it will be cheaper to use public transport than private cars. 

More than £3bn of the Transport Bill will be set aside for road infrastructure. 

Roads will be given an extra £3.2 billion ($4.3billion) to improve safety, and £2.8billion ($3.3bn) for improving the road network. 

Other spending measures are expected to increase by up to 8 per cent on the current National Infrastructure funding level. 

Further road funding will increase by £3 billion ($5.4billion) over the same period, and further improvements to the Lancashire and West Midlands roads will be put forward. 

These include improvements to road network design, re-route of highways, and new safety measures. 

In addition, £3 million ($4 million) will be provided for a national safety campaign and £3million ($4m) will go towards building new roads. 

There are also £1.8 million ($2.3 million) for highway improvements, including more high-quality road surface and new pavement. 

£3.7 million ($5 million) of this money will be earmarked for improving the safety of the new high speed rail line, which will be used by the new HighSpeed 2. 

Another £3m ($4million) will be used to provide new infrastructure for rail services, including new tracks and improved signalling. 

An additional £2.4 million ($3million) is set aside to improve transport for the future, including funding for train passenger terminals, new stations, and a new signalling system. 

A further £1.2 million ($1.6 million) is to be invested in the new Transport Scheme, including £600 million ($950 million) for new rail bridges and improvement of transportation signals. Finally, £4.6m ($6.4m ) will be spent on high speed rail to link Manchester and Liverpool. 

To put that figure into context, the average transport spending in the UK is around £9bn ($13.8

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