How a ‘zero-emission’ bus could help the Irish economy

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A zero-emissions bus could be the way forward for Ireland’s road transport system.

The Irish Transport Authority has been exploring the concept of using buses with zero emissions, or zero emissions vehicles.

The project would be built using recycled materials and would have a “zero-waste” feel, meaning the bus would not pollute the environment.

The project would have the first bus in Ireland, an electric zero-watt bus, which would be used to transport people between Dublin and Cork.

The company behind the project, Intelligent Transport Solutions, has been working with the Irish government to get the green light for the project.

“We have been in discussions with the government on the project for over a year,” said Rónán MacKeogh, executive director of Intelligent Transport Systems.

“We’ve been working closely with them and the Department of Transport, but we’re now confident that the green transport policy will support the project.”

This is a very important project for the Irish Transport Agency.

The organisation is responsible for building new roads, bridges, tram lines and bus stations.

In recent years, it has seen a significant increase in ridership and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

MacKeogh said he was confident the project would see its first buses in operation by 2020.

“The first bus will be built in the summer of 2020,” he said.

“It will be a one-way vehicle that is zero-pollution.”

The bus is designed to be electric, which means it has a maximum range of 50km.

The bus would also be fitted with sensors that monitor its surroundings to monitor the environment, the environment and the vehicle’s emissions.

“These sensors are the ones that we are using in the buses,” he explained.

“When you are driving, these sensors are always monitoring the environment to make sure there is no pollution.”

When the bus is stationary, the sensors are monitoring the car and the driver.

When the bus moves, the driver will monitor the sensors.

“Then the driver and the bus will have their own internal systems, which will monitor their environment.”

The project is not a new idea.

In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency has been developing a bus that is 100 per cent zero- emissions.

A similar project is being conducted in the UK.

The use of zero-toxic materials and energy is something that the Irish Government is also working on.

MacGregor said that the project is one that would “benefit all Irish citizens”.

“The project will see zero emissions buses, a zero-carbon vehicle and a zero emissions driver on Irish roads,” he added.

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