How to use the Google Translate app on the BBC

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With a little bit of luck you’ll be able to translate a sentence or two into a language other than English.

The BBC, which has used Google Translator for years, is currently rolling out the Google Translation app on Android phones and tablets, in a bid to help people find articles faster, but it’s not without its own challenges.

Here’s how to get the app up and running on your Android device, and get your text into a new language: Open Google Translated and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Click on the “Edit” button at the bottom.

You should see a new box at the top of the page that reads “Add translation”.

Click on “Edit”, then select “Google Translate” and then “Translate to English” (it will ask you to confirm the translation).

Click “Save”, then close the app.

Once done, the GoogleTranslate app should appear at the side of your phone screen.

Select “Show more”.

The GoogleTranslator app should now be displayed at the very bottom of your screen, as you can see below: The Google Translations app now offers a lot more options than the Google Search engine, and it’s much easier to find articles.

Here are a few of the options you can find in the app: Find articles You can search for articles by keyword, date, topic or location.

You can also filter articles by language.

Find articles by topic You can find articles by the topics they’re about, or the topics of the article.

For example, if you search for the phrase “Dalton v Pienaar in De Nederlandse Wijtspiegel” you can search within the article for “Dale Dalton v Pieter Pienaaar in de Nederlands”.

Find articles from a specific location Find articles of a specific city, or of a particular country.

If you’re interested in a specific topic, you can select the country and then the keyword to find the article in.

Find a topic If you’ve got a particular interest, you may be able, for example, to find news about that subject, or to find an article about the subject.

To do this, select the topic you’re searching for, then select the “Find” option at the lower right of the Google search bar.

You’ll then be able search for a specific subject, and you’ll see an additional option to narrow down your search.

You may also be able use the “Browse” option to see the articles of interest to you, and “Browze” to get a list of all articles.

Select a language You can use the search option to search for words that are the same in two different languages, or search for any word that you can spell in English and the word in another language.

For instance, if I want to search in English for the word “cricket”, I would do the following: Search for “crickey” and type in the word cricket in English.

Click “Browch” and choose “Search in English”.

Click “Find”.

In the search results, I see a list in which English is the first result, followed by French and then English.

As you can imagine, this can be quite difficult to find in English, and Google Translators can sometimes be difficult to use.

Here is how to do it: Select the search you want to perform and then click on the search bar at the upper right.

Click the “Search” button in the top left of the list, and then choose “Google Search” from the drop-down menu at the end of the search.

Scroll down and click on “Translator”.

Select the “Translators” tab and then select one of the translations from the list.

Click one of these translations and then scroll down the page to the “Source” tab.

Scroll through the list of translations and click “Source”.

You should now see the translation in question, along with the URL of the original article.

Clicking on the source link will take you to a new page with more information about the translation.

For now, you will only see the Google translation in this example.

If it does not work, then try searching for the original source, or go to Google’s “Language and Translator” page and try searching in a different language.

If the translations are not available, then you will need to contact Google directly.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to reach out to the author of the translation to try to work out how they got the translation from the original publication.

Try searching for a language you already know and then searching for an article with the language you want.

If there is a translation for a phrase or a word that has already been used in another article, then Google Translation will try to translate it into the phrase or word you are looking for.

For more information, read this

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