What’s in a Texas Transportation Code?

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TX Transportation Code (TTC) – Texas Transportation Commission (TCC) – TxDOT – Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) – Transport Code Title Texas Transportation Codes, Chapter 3 – Passenger vehicles, vehicles, buses and commercial trucks, including: Vehicles Title 2.2.0 Passenger vehicles: Passenger vehicles that do not exceed 20,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating.

Vehicles are defined as any vehicle that has a gross vehicle width of 10 feet or less.

(b) A vehicle shall not be considered a passenger vehicle if: (1) The vehicle is a bus, truck or van.

(2) The bus, vehicle or van does not have more than one occupant.

(3) The occupant is a child or the elderly.

(4) The passenger vehicle is designed to transport passengers in one or more vehicles or containers, which includes, but is not limited to, semitrailers, freight vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles, vans, buses, or similar types of vehicle.

(5) The seat belt is on.

(6) The headlamp is on or is illuminated by an amber light that is not less than 2 feet in diameter.

(7) The front and rear view mirrors are on and the rear view mirror lens is on and is visible.

(8) The rearview mirror is on the vehicle.

A rearview camera is required for the rearview view.

A vehicle does not meet the requirements of this subsection if the front and the frontward visibility of the vehicle are reduced.

(9) The driver seat belt assembly is located in the front or rear seat and the driver’s side seat belt loop is securely fastened to the driver side seat.

(10) The windshield wiper fluid level is at or below the minimum level required by this Code for use in windshield wipers.

(11) The headlights are on.

Vehicle manufacturers must maintain an inventory of all passenger vehicle parts.

A manufacturer must maintain and report to the Commission, annually, an inventory for each year of its passenger vehicles in accordance with the following provisions of this Code: 1.

Except as otherwise provided in this Code, each year, the manufacturer shall record the identification number of each passenger vehicle that was produced for sale in the preceding year.


The manufacturer must submit a list of all of the passenger vehicle components and accessories used in each passenger vehicles manufactured, and the names and addresses of each of the owners, if any, of each person who owned each passenger Vehicle.

(12) Each manufacturer must record the number of passenger vehicles sold by each manufacturer during each calendar year.


Each manufacturer shall maintain a list that contains the vehicle identification number for each of its motor vehicles.


The name and address of each manufacturer’s principal place of business.


The date of each purchase and sale.


A list of each individual who purchased the vehicle for a principal place, a listing of the person from whom the purchase was made, and a description of the merchandise bought.


The purchase price of the Vehicle for each month during the preceding calendar year and a list by year of the purchase price for each vehicle sold.


A description of each motor vehicle that is being used by the person who purchased it, the name and number of the owner, the vehicle’s date of manufacture, and an approximate selling price for the Vehicle.


A statement, in boldface type, which is substantially in legible type, of the fact that the information contained in the information given in paragraph (b)(8) is accurate and complete.


A copy of the information required to be included in the manufacturer’s report required to accompany the manufacturer report.


A written statement, including a statement of the type required in this paragraph, by which the Commission may request information from the manufacturer.

(c) A motor vehicle manufactured or imported in Texas shall be deemed to be a passenger or freight vehicle when the gross vehicle weights specified in paragraph 2.3.0.

(d) The gross vehicle weighing shall be determined by using a formula established by the TxCtr and shall be adjusted to the current weight and seating capacity of each class of passenger vehicle manufactured in the same class.

(e) The formula for determining the gross weight of a passenger Vehicle shall be as follows: (i) Gross vehicle weight: (A) The total weight of all the vehicles of the same model manufactured in Texas and imported into the United States, plus any combination of the following: 1) Passenger Vehicles manufactured in or imported from a foreign country that are less than 20,00 pounds gross weight; 2) Passenger Cars manufactured in and imported from another country that weigh more than 20% of the gross Vehicle weight of the Model; 3) Passenger Trucks manufactured in foreign countries that are not less 15,000 kilograms, and not less 20,500 kilograms; 4) Passenger Buses manufactured in any other foreign country or foreign

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