Gov. Hogan says Maryland ‘absolutely’ wants to transport all residents from Washington to Maryland

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Larry Hogan said Friday that Maryland “absolutely” wants to send residents from D.C. to Maryland.

“We are ready to do it,” Hogan said at a press conference in Alexandria, Va., when asked about plans for mass transport from D-Day to Maryland, the site of the invasion of Normandy.

“We’re looking forward to it.

And if we’re going to get it done, we’ll do it.”

Hogan said the U.S. Army is “trying to make some of the decisions” on how the state would transport its citizens.

He also said that Maryland will be able to transport those who need to leave the state “in a short period of time.”

But the governor did not provide a timeline for when residents would be able return home.

“There’s a long process, and we’re still working on it,” he said.

“But we will do it.

We’re doing it,” the governor added.

“It’s going to happen.

I mean, it’s happening.

It’s inevitable.”

The governor has made the decision to let people from the D.E.C., D.N.

C, and D.M.E., and residents from New York City, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, return to their homes from the invasion.

In June, Hogan signed a law requiring residents of the state to be on their way to D-day by 6 p.m. local time (8 a.m., EDT) on April 6, the date of the Normandy landing.

The law, which will take effect after two years, also required that people in Maryland be transported in “human-powered vehicles” and that they travel with their belongings in a locked container.

The state will allow residents to return to Maryland by 5 a.mea-dams, Hogan said.

He also said it would be up to the state legislature to decide whether to make it a requirement for residents to be able go back to their state.

Hogan also said Friday the state will be working on a way to “make sure that every person who wants to return home is going to have a chance to get there.”

The state will also work with local governments and businesses to ensure “everybody who’s out there in Maryland will have a fair opportunity to get home,” he added.

On Thursday, Hogan approved a plan that would allow the state and the U,S.

military to begin a plan to transport thousands of military personnel to Maryland from across the country.

The plan would cost $200 million and be funded through federal tax credits, the governor said.

The military will be responsible for providing transportation to the Maryland National Guard, according to a draft of the plan obtained by The Associated Press.

The governor said the plan was approved by the Maryland General Assembly because of the cost, “and because the military can’t get there on its own.”

The state is also working to develop a plan for how to transport people from Washington state, where the U-2 spy plane crashed during the invasion, to Maryland with the help of the military.

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