What you need to know about the Arbies team van and why you should drive it | The Arbies’ team transport van and the team bus

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As you read this, the Arries are on their way to the first Test in Adelaide on Sunday.

You can watch the team van arrive from Adelaide Airport via a lift truck, or you can drive it yourself.

Read on to find out how you can do that.

What are Arries vans?

When it comes to a van, the team buses are the best known and probably the most common vehicle used by Australian teams.

It’s also the cheapest.

In fact, if you look at the cost of a van from one of the big operators, they will tell you that they can make a van that’s cheaper to run than one costing over $10,000.

They can make it from the same basic components and design as a coach, with the addition of extra features, such as cargo storage, an in-car bathroom, a heated kitchen, and even a separate garage.

And if that doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s worth it.

The van is not a big budget purchase.

It comes with all the basic necessities, including a flatbed trailer, a motor, an electric motor and a power unit.

It has all the essentials, including all the fuel, as well as a tow truck, spare tire and spare axle.

And there’s a good reason why this van costs around $8,000 to $10.00 an hour, compared to a coach that can run you around $1,000 an hour.

A van can also be used to transport players to and from training, matches, pre-match and post-match, with facilities for team dinners and accommodation.

That said, it has been shown that this van is much less effective when it comes time to get to and off the field.

You need to be at least 6ft to drive in the back.

It’s not a bad van, but it’s not the bestThe team vans used by the Australian Test team were designed to travel at speeds up to 130km/h.

That’s a bit higher than the normal speed of a normal team van, and is a big improvement over the older coaches that often didn’t make it this far.

But it’s still not the most efficient way to travel.

A lot of people think that a team van is a great thing for teams, because it means you can move around with your teammates, but in reality, the van’s capacity can be quite limited.

As a team, we have three people in the van, meaning there are just two seats to take up.

As well, we also have a separate locker, a kitchen, two toilets, a laundry, two showers, two extra storage rooms, a bathroom and a gym.

And we have a private lounge area.

There’s also a lot of seating inside, which makes it difficult to move around quickly or to move between places.

That means there’s only a limited amount of space available in the vehicle, which can make driving it even more challenging.

The vans also lack in cargo space.

If you look down the back, you’ll see the space reserved for a spare tire, a spare axle and a spare wheel.

A spare wheel is a wheel that is designed to be used as a spare, so you don’t have to spend money on a wheel.

So, a lot more cargo space is needed.

So, it turns out that, for a team of 16 people, there’s just about enough room for a small kitchen and bathroom.

And it’s also worth mentioning that there’s an extra room on the van to accommodate the players.

But the problem is, the extra room isn’t that much.

The team vans are designed to go about 40 kilometres an hour and can travel a lot faster if you get to that speed.

That speed, of course, depends on the weather, the weather conditions, the terrain and the terrain’s speed.

If it’s sunny, there will be less room for the players to move.

If it’s cloudy, it’ll be more difficult to get the team vans going.

And you’ll need to drive more slowly than usual.

So it’s important to realise that a van is designed for one purpose only.

That purpose is to go around in the rain, and if it’s raining heavily, there might be very little room in the front.

The back will need more space to accommodate a locker, spare wheel and spare wheel, as will the bathroom, and it will need to take more time to change from one place to another.

The van will need a lot less room to accommodate all those things than a coach or coach coach van.

In the back of the van are the toilets and showers.

If there’s no room in one of those spaces, the bathroom can become a big drain.

The Arries team van has been around for quite some time, with players from the Sydney Roosters, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Melbourne Storm, Western Bulldogs and Canberra Raiders all

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