How to use Uber and Lyft to get from point A to point B in Seattle

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If you need an Uber or Lyft to transport yourself or someone else, here are some of the best ways to get there: • A car with a driver.

• A ride-hailing app.

• The metro.

• Some public transportation.

• One of these options is the easiest way to get to your destination, or at least to get somewhere within a reasonable distance.

To find a ride, look for a blue “ride” sign at an intersection, bus stop, bus depot, or the train station.

• If you don’t have a car, there are some options for public transportation: • On a subway: Ride to the train or bus stop and tap “ride me.”

• On an UberX ride: Tap “call me” to summon a car with your driver.

You can also call your UberX driver by texting them a ride request.

• On the Blue Line: Take the Blue line to the next stop, then take the Red Line or the Blue Bus (or a different Red Line stop) to your next stop.

• You can find the nearest bus station or train station with this map.

For example, if you are driving from the Seattle Center to the University of Washington, you can find a bus station at the corner of University Avenue and Madison Street, about 20 minutes away.

• Taxi rides: Taxi drivers have different rules than car drivers.

If you have a valid driver’s license and you are paying by cash or credit card, you should pay by cash.

If not, ask the driver if you can get a ride.

• UberX: If you want to get around in a car that has a driver, you will want to use the UberX app.

For more information on using the app, see our blog post: UberX for a Cheap and Easy Way to Get Around.

You will also want to check the taxi industry’s website to see if the ride you want is available.

For some cities, UberX will take a little longer than regular rides to get your destination.

• Air travel: If it’s too hot or crowded to fly, you may be able to charter a car to take you to your flight.

You must be 21 or older to use this service.

For a list of airport taxis and car hire, see the airport taxi page.

• Amtrak: You can get Amtrak trains to your home or office with the Amtrak app.

Amtrak also offers free train service to the West Coast for those in the Portland, Oregon area.

For additional information on the service, see this post: What’s New for Amtrak with the Latest Updates.

For buses, you’ll need a bus driver’s permit.

• Transit: For bus service, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments has a list, or you can check with the Metropolitan King County Transportation Authority.

You’ll need to show your driver’s or public transportation permit and a photo ID.

• Public transit: Public transportation is a good way to go to get between places.

To get from Point A to Point B, for example, use a subway, bus, or car.

• For public transportation, you need to have a bike helmet.

You may also need to wear a helmet while walking or biking.

If your bicycle is not registered with the state, you might need to purchase one.

The Washington State Department of Transportation provides a list with additional bike helmet requirements.

For your safety, please check with your local city, county, and/or municipal transportation authority before using public transportation or a ride-share app.

You should check with local laws, including traffic laws.

For tips on biking safely and properly, see Riding on a Bike.

• Trolleybus: The Tacoma Trolley Bus operates a route from the airport to the airport.

If it is too cold to ride, the bus can be picked up at the Trolley bus stop at the airport or from the bus stop nearest the airport, or from your car.

There are also options for buses that run on weekends, when the weather is cooler.

For information about this service, read our blog: The TrolleyBus: A Cool, Safe Way to Fly.

For other options, see Trolleybuses in Seattle.

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