Transport Canada proposes to scrap its ‘transportation clipsart’ law

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Transport Canada has released a draft proposal to scrap the controversial transportation clipsart law, which it says is “disproportionately impacting” First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities.

In a new submission to the government, the department’s new chief law enforcement officer says that the law was put in place “to promote safety and efficiency for commercial drivers.”

But it says that since the law is being rolled back, it would “reduce the number of commercial drivers and improve the quality of their service.”

The government says that it’s reviewing the law.

“We understand that this law has been in place for decades,” Transport Minister Denis Lebel said in a statement.

“I believe the changes are needed to ensure that drivers are safe on the road, and that our safety record is upheld.”

The Transport Department is proposing to eliminate the law, saying it “creates an unnecessary burden on First Nations and Inuit communities” and would “impose significant financial and logistical costs.”

The department says it’s not proposing to replace the law entirely, but to “improve its enforcement framework.”

“We believe the new enforcement framework will improve the enforcement and record-keeping of commercial vehicles operating on Canadian roads,” the department says.

The department is also proposing to phase out the law’s “costs” requirement, which requires motorists to be responsible for any damage caused to a commercial vehicle.

It also says that, “the cost of this rule is estimated to be $1.5 million per year, with an average cost per trip of $2,200.”

Transport Minister Lebel told CBC News he was disappointed with the department, but said it was a “very important rule” that had helped make the roads safer.

“In the absence of any new laws, the existing rules and regulations are working well,” Lebel wrote.

“This is a decision we will take as we move forward with the next stage of our strategic review.”

He says that he believes the new law “is a significant step forward.”

The new rules will require all commercial vehicles to have a “clear visual warning device,” which will “not only provide additional safety for our drivers, but also make it easier for our members to make their journeys safely.”

“The requirement for a clear visual warning will be particularly helpful for First Nations communities where the cost of maintaining a clear, visible warning is high,” the submission says.

“Transportation Canada is committed to ensuring that First Nations are safe and have access to safe and efficient vehicles.” “

The changes will be rolled out gradually. “

Transportation Canada is committed to ensuring that First Nations are safe and have access to safe and efficient vehicles.”

The changes will be rolled out gradually.

By March 31, 2019, the government says, all commercial drivers will be required to display a clear “signal device” to indicate that a commercial motor vehicle is approaching, the vehicle is stationary, or the vehicle has passed through a red light.

A driver will also be required “to signal the vehicle to stop if there is a red flashing light at the intersection.”

The rules will apply to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 4,000 kilograms and “those with gross vehicle weights of 5,000 or more kilograms,” the government adds.

“As the rule has evolved over time, it has become clear that the rules have not been fully implemented,” Transport Canada says.

In March, a federal judge ruled that the government’s new rules would be unconstitutional, saying they violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The court ruled that Transport Canada’s rules are an unconstitutional overreach of government power and are not sufficiently detailed to provide adequate protection for Canadians.

The government is appealing the decision.

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