West Side Transport Cabinet approves $5.7M for Westside Transit project

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KYLE BAKER, The Associated Press – JUNE 30: The West Side Transit Project is a $5 million federal grant program that aims to increase passenger service on the Eastside.

It is one of the first federal transportation projects to be funded by the Trump administration.

(Photo by Matthew Shabazz/Getty Images)MEMPHIS, Tenn.

(AP) The head of the Memphis Department of Transportation said Monday he is approving a $3.5 million grant for a project to improve service on a stretch of Interstate 75 between Memphis and Tennessee.MEMPASTORS REACH OUT: The Latest on the Memphis Metro Transit Authority project from the Associated Press and USA TODAY:5 p.m.

The Nashville Metro Transit Board voted unanimously Monday to approve the $3 million Westside Transportation project to expand eastbound bus service on I-75.

The project will improve passenger service by extending the current bus service to downtown Memphis.

It will also serve some of the poorest areas in the region.MILWAUKEE (AP): The Milwaukee Metropolitan Transportation Authority will expand bus service from its current location on the West Side to the West End area.

The expansion will expand service to the city’s Eastside, where many families commute.

The Milwaukee transit authority has been trying to improve its services since the end of the Great Recession.

Last year, Milwaukee’s Metropolitan Council approved $4.7 million in funding for bus service expansion.

The funding was awarded through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s federal transportation grants program.MIDLAND: The Milwaukee Metro Transit Agency will expand its bus service and expand bus stops from the existing locations on the Downtown Eastside to the Midland Corridor.

The new bus routes will also provide bus service between downtown Milwaukee and Midland and between downtown Midland to the East Side.MISSOULA, Miss.

(WCIV) The Mississippi Department of Revenue has approved $3 billion in new revenue bonds to fund a new Metro bus rapid transit system.

The agency, which is also building a new line of light rail, has requested $3,000 per $1 million bond for the project.MISSAUGA, Tenn.–(AP) A group of business owners wants to raise $6 million for a new transit line in the southern Tennessee city.

The owners of a chain of coffee shops in the area say they’re looking for a way to spur development.

They’ve already met with city officials to get a project approved.

It’s a project they hope to start in 2021.

The proposed line would link downtown Nashville with the east side of Memphis.

The proposed line is part of a $11.6 billion Metro transit and rail project.

Metro Transit says the line would help spur development in the East Memphis and Nashville neighborhoods.

It also wants to connect the East Nashville and downtown Nashville area to the Memphis-Midland corridor.

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