Why Uber will continue to fight for its riders’ data even after the court ruling

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Uber is continuing to fight to retain its ability to retain passenger data after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the ride-hailing company is entitled to a broad array of data on the data it collects about users.

The Supreme Court’s opinion, released Thursday, said that the company should be able to use the data to target ads that its drivers have to deliver to customers, including a driver’s location, the number of rides he has delivered, and the times he has taken a customer.

In the Ninth District Court of Appeal, the company argued that it had to get that data “in order to do what it’s doing” by charging drivers fees.

Uber had previously argued that the Ninth Court decision would prevent it from “restricting Uber’s business.”

But Uber said in its filing that it still “remains confident that Uber’s data collection is necessary to serve its customers, which include consumers who use the app to make travel arrangements.”

The company said the Ninth Circuits decision “does not require Uber to relinquish its existing business practices.”

The Ninth Circuit ruled in June that Uber must allow drivers to access customer data to use it for advertising purposes, though it did not make a specific finding about how much information the driver must provide in order to access the data.

The court said Uber would need a “compelling state interest” before it could do so.

Uber has fought for months in the Ninth and Ninth Circuit courts to get access to the data that drivers have collected and stored about riders.

The Ninth Circuit said that Uber could only access the information if it could prove that it was needed to help deliver the advertised services.

“The Court is concerned that Uber has a reasonable expectation of privacy in its drivers’ location data, which is used to make specific targeting decisions,” the NinthCircuit ruled in a June decision.

“The Court has also found that Uber is in compliance with both California’s Privacy Act and FTC rules regarding the use of driver location data to deliver advertising and that it is reasonably likely that Uber will comply with FTC rules concerning the use and disclosure of driver information.”

Uber’s attorneys filed a motion Friday asking the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court to review the Ninth’s ruling, which they said was based on “no genuine issue of material fact.”

The Ninth Court issued a partial decision in September that said Uber had no valid privacy interest in the data, but that the driver data would be preserved in a separate account to Uber’s.

Last week, the Ninth issued a decision that said it would not be reviewing Uber’s request to overturn the decision in the case.

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