‘The world’s largest train station’: How Seattle’s transit system will get a makeover

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Seattle’s new RapidRide service, the world’s second largest transit system after Paris’s Metro, is expected to open this fall, and it will cost roughly $8 billion to operate.

The Seattle Public Utilities Commission voted to approve the deal in October, but the full board will have to approve it before the system is operational.

The $8.5 billion contract includes the creation of five new rail lines to the airport, including two light rail lines.

The rail lines are the new Purple Line and the Green Line, which are slated to open in 2021 and 2024 respectively.

The Purple Line is expected be the city’s first light rail line, and the first light line to connect to a regional rail system, which would be the new Seattle Metro.

The new Green Line will also be the first new light rail service to connect downtown Seattle to the region’s largest transit hub, Union Station, which is currently under construction.

The first line is expected launch in 2021, while the second one will launch in 2024.

The transit system was developed under a $3.2 billion federal grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

The grant will be paid back by fares and other taxes on the system.

The project will serve more than 70 million riders a year, with a $4.2 million operating budget.

The total cost of the project is $18.9 billion.

The Green Line is planned to open as a four-line system, with one line in each of the downtown core, University District, Ballard, and Northeast Seattle.

The other lines will be built at a cost of $1.4 billion.

In 2021, the two new Green Lines will be connected to the Metro and the new Red Line.

The two lines will carry roughly 5,000 passengers per hour and will run every 15 minutes.

Both lines will cost an estimated $7.5 million per day.

“The project is one of the largest transit investments in the region for years and we are thrilled to be working with the federal government to bring this vision to life,” said Mike McGinnis, executive director of the Regional Transit Authority.

“This project will allow the region to continue expanding its rapid transit network, create new jobs, and spur new investment in our region.”

The Purple and Green Lines were created to provide the regional transit system with more transit options, and will replace the current Yellow Line and Red Line, currently under the control of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Both the Purple Line was approved by the city in January, and is expected in 2021.

The Red Line was awarded to the Metropolitan Council in October 2016, but construction of the first line will begin in 2021 under the contract.

In 2017, the Green and Purple Lines will also replace the old King Street/Vine Street route, which runs from the Ballard Station to the Central District.

Both routes were built to accommodate light rail, and were built in part under the state’s $3 billion Metropolitan Light Rail Transit (MLTR) program.

The Metro is scheduled to open next year, and construction on the new Green and Red Lines is expected begin in 2019.

Seattle’s RapidRides will replace Metro’s current Yellow and Red lines, and are expected to cost around $3 to $4 billion each.

The system will include four rail lines in the Downtown core, which will be upgraded to the Purple and Purple Line as part of the citys $15 billion investment in transit in the 2020s.

The second rail line will connect the two routes to the regional light rail system.

Currently, Metro operates the Purple line in the Northeast and Ballard, as well as the Green line in Downtown.

The fourth rail line is intended to connect the new lines to an expansion of the Green, Purple, and Red line.

The current system operates with an average daily ridership of 5,200 people.

The network is expected see an increase in ridership as the line is upgraded.

The agency expects to open service in 2021 as the new rail line opens, but this will not occur until the system becomes operational.

RapidRidership is expected increase as the Purple lines become fully operational.

“RapidRides is a strategic partnership between the Seattle Transit Commission and the Regional Transportation Authority to increase the capacity of the RapidRiding system and increase the ridership,” said Michael Soderberg, chief operating officer of RapidRider, the system’s operator.

“It’s the best-in-class service that will increase ridership in our downtown core.”

The contract is being built with the support of the federal and state governments, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and private investment, as the city is looking to invest $8 million in the new Rapidride system.

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