‘This is the real deal’: How to create a viral video using a GoPro camera and GoPro-branded music

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The latest installment in the popular “GoPro-to-video” series, this year’s “Go Pro to Video” features a video of a young woman taking a selfie with a GoPro Hero3.

But as the video shows, the camera is not really what’s actually in the woman’s hand.

Instead, it’s a GoPro HERO5 Black, a device that has become a staple of GoPro’s products.

In this case, it appears to be a handheld GoPro camera, which means it can capture footage that is actually in her hand.

However, this video is actually a video created for GoPro by the company’s creative team, who were inspired by a real-life scenario, according to the company.

The GoPro team has created a video that shows how to create an image of a real person using a handheld camera, and then edit the image into a GoPro video.

Here’s what it looks like.

The team also used GoPro-specific music in the video, as well as a special theme song that was included in the GoPro camera.

In fact, the video uses music that’s only available on the GoPro HERO3 Black.

Here is a clip of that music.

In the video above, the GoPro team shows how they edited the image using a new software tool called “Pixlr” in the HERO5’s app, which allows them to add new elements to the original image.

In addition to that, they added a logo for the GoPro brand and a special background song.

After editing the image, the footage was uploaded to YouTube.

Here are a few of the highlights from the video: Here’s the original version of the GoPro Hero5 Black.

Note the GoPro logo and a logo-less background song in the background.

Here, the team added the GoPro branding and background song to the image.

Here we see the GoPro branded background song on the side of the HERO4 Black, as it was used for the video.

This is the video from the new GoPro Hero4 Black.

This version was edited using Pixlr to add additional elements to what is actually happening in the clip.

You can see that the video has a GoPro logo in the center of the image and a GoPro branded logo and logo background on the right side.

Here you can see how they created the logo-free background song for the HERO3.

Here the logo is now a part of the background song, and you can also see the logos on the left and right side of each clip.

Here it is on the HERO2 Black.

As you can tell from the size of the logo, the logo on the front is bigger than the logo of the Hero3 Black, but the logo and background music are not visible.

This video was edited to remove the GoPro logos.

In a YouTube video that is not yet live, the HERO camera is clearly visible.

In another video, the company shows how the logo was removed from the HERO logo and the background music.

And finally, in this new video, a logo is added to the logo in a different place.

Here was a new video from GoPro that shows off a new logo-to be added to an existing logo.

GoPro’s marketing team also showed off a demo video of how the HERO 5 Black can record video in the future.

Here comes the video of the new HERO5, which shows off the new logo as well.

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