The biggest challenges of transport innovation

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A new survey of the most-improved transportation systems by Transport Innovation Forum suggests India may not be on the right track in addressing transportation and its impact on the environment.

The survey by the global research and consulting group, Transport Innovation Research and Consulting Group (TIRGC) has found that more than half of the world’s transportation systems remain unmet by 2050, while almost all are projected to have a “major” impact on emissions.

More than half the global transport systems in 2050 are projected by the study to be “major”, with about half of those projects projected to result in a significant reduction in emissions, and the remainder projected to be insignificant.

The TIRGC said it had been working for more than a decade to develop a global assessment of the transport sector.

It said the assessment, published on Tuesday, had revealed “a significant lack of progress” in reducing global emissions.

“More than 80 percent of the transportation systems surveyed by the TIRgc are projected as either major or major in 2030, which means they will have a major impact on emission reduction,” said the report.

“The transport sector is still highly fragmented and has a high degree of heterogeneity.

Most of the countries in the world are still in the early stages of transition to a new transport paradigm, and many of the key challenges are not yet addressed.

The report found that while the average emissions reductions for the transport system were projected to range from around 1.5 percent per capita (or 0.5 gigatonnes CO2e) to about 10 percent per person, in many countries, this represents a very significant reduction, with the average reductions being about 10 times higher.”

It is clear that the transportation sector is not delivering the results that are needed to mitigate climate change, even though the current state of global transport is very positive,” said Rajiv Bhushan, executive director of TIR GC.

Bhushan said the study highlighted the need for more coordination between transport sector stakeholders and climate change mitigation strategies.”

We need to look at how we can collaborate with the industry, governments and citizens to achieve the right balance between environmental sustainability and climate mitigation,” he said.

The study found that of the nearly 20,000 transportation systems examined, only a third of them have already begun their transition to cleaner, more sustainable transport systems.

A major driver of the problem is the lack of infrastructure that links roads and transport systems, and is not built with the public’s interests at heart.

The lack of reliable connectivity and lack of information on which modes can be used in the transport grid have also hindered efforts to ensure public transport networks are safe, efficient and affordable.

The majority of the survey respondents said they were unable to access transport information because of lack of internet connections and limited infrastructure.

Bharat Srivastava, senior analyst at the TIRC group, said this has created a climate of fear, with many people not knowing about the benefits of public transport and not being able to compare the costs.”

This is a critical time in the development of the country’s transport infrastructure,” he added.”

Many people are not aware of the many benefits of the public transport network.

We need to work together with transport stakeholders to bring the most advanced technology to the people, and to ensure these benefits are not lost to future generations.

“The TIRC report has also highlighted the issue of governance.

Many of the respondents did not have enough information about the governance structure of the sector, with only 13 percent of respondents indicating they were willing to be involved in the decision-making process.”

There are a number of governance and infrastructure challenges that need to be addressed before we can achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, especially if we do not take immediate action,” Bhushans report said.

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