How to get a train ticket to Australia’s Sunshine Coast

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From the airport, a train journey takes just under two hours from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne.

But it’s a journey you might not want to make.

The train fare in Australia is a whopping $8.50.

In the United States, it’s much cheaper at $5.20.

The average train ticket in Australia costs $1.80.

But the Sunshine coast is just south of Perth, and is only accessible by train via train station.

There’s a small, fast and convenient bus that takes passengers to the airport.

Here’s how to get on and off.

Read more about the Sunshine Peninsula.


Get a ticket in advance, and travel by train There are four stations on the Sunshine Railway, with a total of 1,826 stations.

Each station has a dedicated ticket office, where you can purchase a ticket for the train that is departing that station.

Ticket offices are located in the ticket windows, or in the railcar’s back window, where tickets can be purchased.

The ticket windows are usually open on weekends and public holidays, but you can also buy tickets online.

Ticket windows are open until 12:30am on the Monday after the end of the current weekday.

Tickets are issued at the ticket office or the rail car’s back door.

The cost of the ticket is the ticket price plus an Australian dollar amount.

The money is credited to your account, and you can then travel on that train.

If you have to buy the ticket again, you’ll have to pay a $1 per day charge.

If you buy the tickets at the station, the ticket fee is $4.25.

For those travelling via train, there’s a surcharge of $2.50 per passenger.

For those travelling by car, the train fare is $5 per person, and the driver’s licence fee is included in the price.

The driver’s fee is charged by the operator, who also charges a surrage of $1 each time you buy your ticket.

When you buy a ticket, you must present the valid ticket number and provide the correct name and address on the front.

You will be given a stamp of approval on the back of the envelope.

You can then go onto the train and board.

The fare on this train is $7.70.


Get off at the terminal, and board the train at the airport A bus, called the Sunshine train, travels on the rail network in the Sunshine, but it’s available to the public only.

You must have your ticket on you at all times.

If a train arrives at the Sunshine station, it passes through a ticket window.

There you will be issued a ticket.

This ticket will then be scanned and issued to you at the check-in desk.

The ticket office will then inform you if your ticket has been scanned.

If so, you will need to provide the required stamp of approved identification, which you can obtain at the Ticket Office.

The station’s ticket office is open on the weekend and public holiday, but closed on Sunday.


Pick up your train ticket You can get on or off a train in a number of ways.

You may buy a train pass to travel on a train to a different station, or buy a special train ticket for a train you’ve purchased.

You could also book a hotel or motel room to take a train on the train.

You should also check the ticket window for the best times for travelling on the trains, because there’s no train service during peak hours.

You can also purchase a special ticket, called a special travel pass, to travel with your ticket to a specific destination.

You need to show proof of travel, such as a driver’s license or passport, at the train station where you’re travelling.

If this is not possible, you can buy a refundable train pass, which will not require a stamp.

The price of a special bus pass is $1 for a one-way trip.

If the pass expires within 30 days of purchase, it will be cancelled.


Go to the station and board a train You will have to get off at a designated station.

You’ll be given your ticket number, and your train card number, but there is no way to get it back.

If there’s not enough time, the conductor will ask for a replacement ticket, but they can’t be sent out until after you board the station.

If it’s your first time travelling on a bus, you may need to ask the conductor to help you board.

If not, you could end up waiting for your ticket while the conductor waits for your train to arrive.

To get off on the bus, simply walk down the corridor and look at the door.

You then need to look back up the corridor.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

The conductor will then ask you to go ahead and board your train.

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