How the transit board is changing the face of transit in the Bay Area

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An upstart transportation agency in the heart of Silicon Valley has begun rolling out a new program to make its system more efficient and more accessible to people who live farther from public transit.

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), which is tasked with making sure that the region’s major transit systems are running at peak capacity, is trying to make the region more efficient through its Regional Transportation Efficiency Plan (RTEP), which it unveiled on Monday.

The RTC’s RTEP aims to cut the number of people traveling on the regions major public transit systems by 70 percent, reduce the amount of time people are stuck in gridlock on the roads, and make it easier for residents to access their transportation needs, according to the agency.

The RTEP is designed to address a variety of issues that have made it more difficult for people to get around San Francisco.

It would create a more flexible regional transportation network, and it would improve the reliability of transit and other transportation options in the region.

“There are a lot of issues we’ve been grappling with in the area, and we need to get our act together to get better,” said Tom Laughlin, executive director of the Regional Transportation Alliance.

“The RTE has a lot to do with that.

We need to move forward together.”

In addition to reducing traffic congestion on San Francisco’s streets, the RTEP also aims to reduce gridlock.

The RTEP proposes to make bus and streetcar routes faster and more reliable by increasing capacity on transit hubs, and to improve bus service along transit corridors.

The first of the RTE’s initiatives involves extending the Green Line from the Mission to the Embarcadero.

That would improve accessibility for people living in the Mission’s Mission District, a dense residential area of the city where the median household income is more than $100,000.

It also would improve access to jobs, housing, and entertainment in the neighborhood.

The next step in the RTÉ’s effort would be a $2 billion extension of the Red Line to the San Francisco International Airport.

The extension would extend the Redline from the airport to the Civic Center, a neighborhood of downtown San Francisco that includes the Bayview district and Mission district.

The Red Line would also increase transit capacity by providing more bus service and improving connections to other transit hubs.

A third RTEP initiative would focus on improving accessibility for families and small businesses in the Castro district.

This would include the addition of more bus stops along the Castro, which would also improve accessibility.

Finally, the RTC is also looking at expanding its network to include new stations along major routes in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.

The Red Line extension would provide a link between the Bay and Silicon Valley, making it easier to get to and from the area.

It could also increase access to the area for people who work in the tech sector, such as those in the financial and tech sectors.

The new RTEP would also address problems with the current regional transit network.

The agency’s current plan calls for improving transit service along the San Mateo, Marin, Santa Clara, and Contra Costa lines by $3.4 billion, and improving reliability on the Marin line by $2.5 billion.

Laughlin said the RTES goal is to reduce congestion and to make it faster and easier for people in the San Jose, San Francisco, and San Mateu Valley areas to get from their homes to work, school, and other destinations.

“These are important areas for people, so this is a good step forward for our region,” he said.

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