What are the new laws that will stop the car on the River Nunn?

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The NSW government has announced it will introduce a new scheme to make driving a car on NSW waterways a more difficult, even dangerous experience.

Key points:Roads will be redesigned to make it easier for motorists to make the transition to using a bike on the Nunn RoadsSource: NNSW Transport Minister Paul Kelly says the scheme will help make road journeys safer for allRoads on the river will be replaced with a system that allows drivers to take a bike for a short trip along the river and back.

The Government is launching the scheme to create a more efficient, less congested river route, as part of a pilot project to make river crossings more efficient and safe.

Roads would be redesigned from their current configuration, which is one lane, with three-quarters of the width of the current lane being used by vehicles.

The NSW Government says the new design will improve safety for people on bikes and pedestrians and reduce traffic congestion.

The State Government said the pilot project would be launched later this year.

It said the changes will also help ensure the river is a safer place to cycle and that motorists will have to use safer and safer infrastructure in the river to travel.

“This will reduce the number of people cycling on the waterways to just three per cent of total journeys, down from five per cent now,” a spokesman for Transport Minister, Paul Kelly, said.

“It will also reduce congestion on the rivers and increase safety on the banks.”

Under the scheme, people on motorcycles will have a reduced access to the Narnn Roads, which currently have no bike lanes.

The scheme will be implemented from January next year.

Mr Kelly said it was the first time the State Government had been so aggressive to reduce road congestion.

“I’m pleased that we’ve been able to see the benefits of these new improvements to the river,” he said.

Read moreAbout 500 people are expected to ride in the Narmada on the day of the pilot.

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