New South Wales Premier’s transport policy sparks anger with KLLM transport service

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New South Welsh Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced she is introducing a “state-of-the-art” transport network that will include buses, trams, trampolines and a dedicated tram service to reduce congestion on city streets.

The announcement comes after Mr Andrews announced a $3.2 billion transport package in September to improve road safety, improve safety on city roads and create more opportunities for families and young people to travel.

Key points:Ms Berejic’s plan includes a “national bus” that will travel the length of Sydney in four weeks, replacing the existing trams Ms Berejian has also committed to using new technology to cut down on traffic delays and improve safetyMs Berejiian said she would also use her powers to set up a national tram network Ms Berejaic said the national bus will be a first step in reducing congestion in SydneyMs Berejanic said it would be the “first step” in the process of reducing traffic congestion and improving safety in the state’s suburbs.

“It is a very ambitious programme to reduce the amount of time it takes to get around the state and the length it takes you to reach the CBD,” she said.

“We are looking at new technology in terms of how it is delivered and we are also looking at a new trampoline system.”

This is a major step in our national transport strategy and will be an important part of our strategy for the state.

“Ms Berejaian said the new tram service would be a “significant step forward” in ensuring people can get around Sydney in a “fair and transparent manner”.”

The first step is to introduce a bus service,” she told Sky News.”

That will be the first step and the next step is actually looking at trampOLines and tram buses, which will be more like tramp trains than trampolis.

“TrampOLs have been used to deliver trains in New Zealand and I think they are fantastic and we need them in Sydney.”

They will be used in our tram network and they will be part of the tramp transport system.”‘

Deliberate and well-intentioned’The plan will see the state introduce a national bus service, which Ms Berejanian said would be “deliberate, well-meaning and well intentioned”.”

We need to have a transport system that is responsive to the needs of our people,” she added.”

There is no doubt we have a congestion problem.

“But congestion is a problem we all face and it is the problem we have to overcome.”‘

A first step’The state’s regional transport strategy calls for a new tram network with a new line linking the Central Coast with the CBD.

It also calls for the introduction of a tram service linking the city of Sydney to the outskirts of Newcastle.

The plan comes as Mr Andrews has launched a campaign to promote public transport, and has been accused of trying to “buy votes” in regional seats by promising to improve public transport in the states most populous area.

Ms Berejsays plan will come in response to the state premier’s pledge to “invest in public transport and make it safer for all” and to help the state “rebalance” to the “global economy”.

“It’s about getting back to the point where we are in a position to be able to make that investment and do that in a way that is consistent with our economic future,” she explained.

Ms Andrews also announced a number of new initiatives that will see more people able to drive, including a “driving licence” for young drivers, and a “public transport pass” for drivers aged 16 to 21.

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