Auto transport companies: Ekman transport is on the ropes

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Auto transport operators in Canada are bracing for an imminent loss of business due to the growing number of collisions with vehicles in the country.

EKman Transport says the problem has become worse as drivers have become more aware of the law.

The company says there has been a decrease in the number of incidents in the last few months and it expects the number to drop further in the coming months.

EKS’s CEO, Mike Mihalovic, says the company is trying to get drivers to use its technology to help avoid accidents.

He says the technology helps keep vehicles in line by making them easier to stop, which can make them safer.

“We have some new systems in place now that help us get rid of the problem of collisions, but there are still some challenges,” he says.

EKman says its technology works well for many drivers, but it has not been tested in any large-scale accident, and it does not recommend drivers use it.

Mihalovski says he has already seen drivers using the technology for several months and they are happy to try it.

“We’re just really hoping that people get it out of their system.

If they do and it’s working for them, great, but if it doesn’t work out, we’ll see what we can do,” he said.

An EKmans technology that helps drivers avoid collisionsEKmans cars are equipped with a radar-guided system that monitors their speed and speed of the vehicle ahead.

It can detect collisions by the vehicle’s speed and direction, and automatically make a turn to avoid them.

In some cases, EK mans system has already helped to avoid a collision.

Last month, a motorcyclist in Vancouver was killed after being hit by a truck that had gone over a bridge, but EKs system did not alert the driver to the danger.

EM’s CEO says EKm’s system has saved lives in similar cases in other countries.

When asked about the increased number of crashes, Mihalyovic says the biggest driver problem in Canada is the changing demographics of the population.

He says the government has made it clear it wants to see more cars in the roads, and is working on plans to bring the number down.

Meanwhile, EKS is working to get rid the number from about 6 million vehicles per year to around 5 million.

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